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Kodarit Online Coding Classes For Kids

Kodarit offers online coding classes for kids, that are fun, challenging and diverse. We believe that coding is for everyone!
Kodarit Online Coding Classes For Kids


  • Online coding classes for kids and teens

  • Fun and interactive learning environment

  • Learn coding and build your own game!

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Kodarit is Finland’s largest private coding school. We now offer online coding courses for kids in Australia, with many classes to choose from to suit your child’s skill level and interests.

At Kodarit, we believe that Coding is for everyone and we want to share this vision internationally. 

Kodarit's coding courses are fun and will challenge both kids and teens. We teach programming skills, algorithmic thinking, game design and computer sciences in a comfortable and interactive learning environment designed to be beginner-friendly. We highly value personal teaching and this is why we keep our courses small with 10 students max.

Kodarit Level Courses:

Kodarit’s coding curriculum is based on levels. Students start their learning pathway at Kodarit 1, where they learn visual programming and develop game and app design skills.

Each level lasts one term and the courses progress to level 4 (Kodarit 4).

After level Kodarit 4, students can continue to the Black Belt level, where they can code for as many terms as they wish. The topics of the Black Belt level change every term to make lessons more interesting.

If you have programmed before, you can join the level that best suits your coding skills and will help you improve them.

Kodarit Levels:

Kodarit 1 - Visual programming, beginnings of Python.

Beginners from 6 years old onwards, can start this course where we will solve coding challenges in the Code.org learning environment, program 2D games in Scratch and Kodu Game Lab 3D, and get to know programming of hardware devices with Micro:bit microcontrollers. At the end of the course, we will start programming with the Python programming language in Code Combat and a few other learning environments like Codesters.

Kodarit 2 - Python, beginnings of web programming

This course is suitable for those who have completed either Kodarit 1 or Kodarit summer coding camp, or have achieved this level through self-studies in coding. In this course, we will learn more Python programming in Codesters and Repl.it learning environments. We will also get familiar with web programming, including HTML and CSS. Lastly, we will cover machine learning (AI) and have a go at practising it.

Kodarit 3 - JavaScript

Those who have completed Kodarit 1-2 Courses or achieved the same level through self-studies in coding, can take this course. We will start learning JavaScript by making a mobile app in Code.org App Lab. After this we will move on to more traditional web programming and bring a website to life with the help of JavaScript by adding functionality to a website like buttons and interesting visual elements. We will also get familiar with the P5 JavaScript library and canvas method, which will enable us to create our own drawing program.

Kodarit 4 - Game programming

This course is suitable for those who have completed Kodarit 3 or have reached the same level with their own studies. We will start the course by getting to know the Unity game making environment that is used by professional game developers. Using this, we will make a 3D treasure hunting game. After Unity, we will move on to P5.JS Javascript programming and we will program a cat jumping game with the HTML5 canvas.

Black Belt - Various coding projects

The Kodarit Black Belt course is dedicated to those who have completed the Kodarit 4 course and want to practice and improve their coding skills. The theme project of this course changes every term according to the latest trends in the world of IT and coding.


Every school term we run new classes.

Book your preferred time by clicking 'Discover more'.

These classes take place on Zoom in an interactive learning environment. All you need to participate is a computer and an internet connection. Instructions to join the class will be sent to students prior to the start of the course.

Free introductory class:

Try our free introductory lesson, where your child will learn what an algorithm is, and get familiar with the visual programming environment by building a game.

We will also explain how our courses are organized and answer all of your questions.

School Holidays discount

For families signed up to School Holidays, there is a special price for the Kodarit Level 1 course! Sign up today!


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