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Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Fitzroy Gardens is one of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne, perfect for a BBQ and picnic, or take your dog for a walk or kids to blow off steam!

Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne


  • Beautiful sculptures and a must-see Conservatory

  • Dog-friendly and accessible park for the whole family

  • Perfect for a BBQ and picnic

  • Explore cool gardens, ponds, Fairies Tree and history

More info

Fitzroy Gardens is a heritage-listed botanic garden in the Melbourne suburb of East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Victoria, with over 1.5 million visitors a year. The Fitzroy Gardens are located in the East Melbourne district of Victoria, Australia. The gardens were established by Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe and are now home to over 50,000 plants from around the world on the site of the old Port Phillip Prison, a stone building that was built in 1837 and demolished in 1948.

Initially set aside as a reserve in 1848, Fitzroy Gardens was named for Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, Governor of New South Wales. The gardens were devised in 1859 by Deputy Surveyor-General Clement Hodgkinson, with the assistance of landscaper or park gardener James Sinclair.

These historic public gardens are bounded on the east by Clarendon Street, on the north by Albert Street, on the west by Lansdowne Street, and south the west by Wellington Parade, with the Treasury Gardens adjacent to Lansdowne Street to the west.

Fitzroy Gardens is one of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne, perfect for a BBQ and picnic. The scenery is picturesque, and there's plenty of Fitzroy Gardens history to explore. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit, as the colours are spectacular.

Fitzroy Gardens opening hours

Fitzroy Botanical Gardens are always open.

Fitzroy Gardens Entry Fee

Fitzroy Botanical Garden is free.

Fitzroy Gardens Map

Looking for a map of Fitzroy Gardens? It's just a mouse click away. Click here to view a printable Fitzroy Gardens map to plan your visit.

Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory

The Conservatory opened in March 1930 and houses gorgeous indoor floral displays that are changed five times each year. Experience magnificent and unique flowers all year round here.

Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory Opening Hours

  • The Conservatory is open 9 am - 5 pm daily (5.30 pm daylight saving)
  • The Conservatory is closed on Christmas Day (25th December)

In 2022, the Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory will be closed on the dates below:

  • 31 January 2022 - 4 February 2022 for Tuberous Begonia / Gloxinia installation
  • 5 April 2022 - 9 April 2022 for Tropical / Poinsettia installation
  • 25 July 2022 - 29 July 2022 for Cineraria / Cyclamen installation
  • 19 September 2022 - 23 September 2022 for Schizanthus / Calceolaria installation
  • 31 October 2022 - 4 November 2022 for Hydrangea / Fuchsia installation.

For enquiries, please contact the City of Melbourne at (03) 9658 9658.

Cook’s Cottage

Cook's Cottage is temporarily closed. Call (03) 9658 9658 for enquiries.

Cook’s Cottage is a historical oddity that you can explore at Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne. Initially built in Yorkshire, England, in 1755 by the parents of Captain James Cook, the Cottage was brought to Melbourne by Sir Russell Grimwade in 1934. 

Each brick was individually numbered, packed into barrels and shipped to Australia, along with the cuttings of the original ivy coverings – incredibly, it all made it here! 

You can learn about its British origins and relocation to Melbourne inside the Cottage and pose for some photos in 18th-century costumes outside. There is an entry fee to purchase at the door.

Fairy Tree Fitzroy Gardens

The Fairies Tree Fitzroy Gardens has been a favourite of children and visitors to the botanical gardens since Ola Cohn carved it between 1931-34. The fairy tree is home to many Australian animals, birds and bush spirits, each one intricately carved into the stump of one of the original Red Gum trees in the gardens.

Scarred Tree in Fitzroy Gardens

The Scarred Tree that lies in the southeast section of the gardens is linked with the pre-colonial use of that area by Aboriginal individuals and is inscribed on the Aboriginal Heritage Register. Wurundjeri Aboriginal people who settled in Melbourne before the Europeans used scarred trees to make canoes, shelters, shields and containers. Bark was removed by making deep cuts in a tree trunk with a stone axe. The area of bark removed is usually elliptical.

Tudor Village Fitzroy Gardens

Model Tudor Village in Fitzroy Gardens is a miniature village with model buildings representing a typical village built during the "Tudor" period of English history.

The delightful Fitzroy Gardens Tudor Village houses various cottages, barns, a church, school, hotel, and other public buildings. It also includes a miniature model of Shakespeare's home and Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

The Tudor village was donated to the city of Melbourne via the City of Lambeth, England, as a gift to the citizens of Melbourne in appreciation for their generosity in sending food to Britain during World War II.

Fitzroy Gardens Playground

Fitzroy Gardens Playground is a small but fun playground in Melbourne CBD with unique animal-themed play equipment and climbing structures, including a sleeping dragon slide and giraffe swings.

Fitzroy Gardens Facilities

  • Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Center (open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on Christmas Day)
  • Fitzroy Gardens Cafe at Visitor's Center
  • Pavilion Cafe
  • Ornamental lake
  • Children's Playground
  • Fountains (River God Fountain or Old Man Fountain, and Neptune)
  • Conservatory
  • Public toilets
  • Seating
  • Picnic areas
  • BBQ

Dogs At Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Dogs are allowed on a leash on the paths. You need to clean up after your dog.


Fitzroy Gardens are wheelchair-accessible and suitable for prams.

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