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Erskine Falls & Walk Near Lorne, Victoria

Take your family on a stunning adventure to Erskine Falls on the Great Ocean Road. Enjoy the views, outdoor activities, and a fun hike with the kids.

Erskine Falls & Walk Near Lorne, Victoria


  • Erskine Falls walking track is quite short but has 230 steps

  • A less challenging trail is from Blanket Leaf Picnic Area

  • No toilets, the closest one is at Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground

  • The 3 falls circuit walk starts from the carpark

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Erskine Falls near Lorne is nestled in the heart of the Great Ocean Road in the Angahook section of Great Otway National Park, this stunning 49 - 57 m / 161 - 187 ft waterfall offers breathtaking views and thrilling outdoor adventures the whole family will enjoy. 

From Lorne to Erskine falls Victoria, it's just 10 km or a quick 15-min drive north-east on Otway St.

The Erskine Falls walking track from the carpark is quite short and has 230 stone steps downwards, but it is worth the effort. It could be quite challenging for toddlers and younger kids, though.

A less challenging 4 km trail to access the falls is from the Blanket Leaf Picnic area.

If you want a longer and more challenging walk, you can take the Erskine River Walk (15 km return). Start at the Erskine Falls carpark. After seeing Erskine Falls, walk past Straw Falls, Splitter Falls and the Cascades. It finishes in Lorne at the Kia Ora Caravan Park. 

Kids will love waterfalls, climbing rocks and exploring the area. However, note that there are no toilets at Erskine Falls. You can find the closest toilet at Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground.

The Erskine Falls car park has limited places and no picnic areas. Dogs are not allowed at the park.

Get ready for a lovely waterfall hike, lush greenery and a good swim during your next family adventure. Plan your trip to Erskine Falls today!

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