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Cowes Beach

Fantastic family friendly beach in Cowes on Phillip Island. Enjoy a splash or swim, walk along the Esplanade and jetty, and have a picnic!

Cowes Beach


  • Beach for families with kids

  • Lots of picnic spots

  • Shops and cafes nearby

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Cowes Beach is a great kids and family-friendly beach right by Cowes Jetty. The whole family can swim, play in the sand, enjoy a picnic and have a fantastic time when visiting Phillip Island!


There are some flat paths along the Esplanade and Cowes beach, but there is stairs access down to the beach. For ramp access to the beach in Cowes, Erehwon Point Beach is better.


  • Toilets and shower
  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Car parking along the Esplanade

Is it a dog friendly beach?

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on Cowes Beach, but you can take your dog on leash to Erehwon Point Beach, just a 10min walk past the jetty in the opposite direction from Cowes Beach.

Photo credits: Management and Sue T on TripAdvisor, School Holidays

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