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Indoor Creative, Entertaining and Educational Online Classes For Kids

Here is a complete list of online classes for kids of all ages and interests they will love. All classes are designed and hosted by Australian businesses.

17 min read
Indoor Best Hot Cross Buns Recipes Your Kids Would Love

Here are the best hot cross buns recipes. Baking hot cross buns is simple and your kids can get involved in making this delicious Easter treat.

9 min read
Indoor Best Netflix Movies For Kids 2020

Check out these top kids movies streaming on Netflix right now that the whole family can enjoy during quarantine and the school holidays.

7 min read
Indoor 20 fun indoor activities for kids at home

Here's a list of fun activities at home that will keep your kids busy and happy. Perfect for cold or rainy days. Forget about bored kids and frustrated parents.

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School Holidays How to keep your kids entertained and learning at home

Here's a list of fun online activities for kids and families. From crafts and stories to virtual tours and educational games, there is something for everyone.

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School Holidays Upcoming school holidays extended. Here’s how to protect your family from COVID-19

Upcoming school holidays extended in Australia. Here’s all you need to know about how to protect your kids from COVID-19.

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