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Warburton Rainforest Gallery

Don’t miss the Rainforest Gallery in Warburton. Check out these useful tips before you go there.
Warburton Rainforest Gallery


  • 350 elevated walkway

  • Lush rainforest views

  • Giant ancient trees

  • Great views of Cement Creek

  • Wheelchair accessible observation platform

  • Waterfall viewpoint

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The Rainforest Gallery in Warburton is perfect for beautiful treetop views and a bit of calm time surrounded by pristine nature.

Listen to the sounds of water running through Cement Creek while you breathe in the fresh, clean air. Such a treat for the senses.

Enjoy spectacular views of the Warburton Rainforest from a 40m observation platform 15m above the ground.

For free.

What to do at Warburton Rainforest Gallery

There are two parts to the Rainforest Gallery.

The part that is suitable for everyone

The first part is the magnificent 40m long observation platform that provides nice views of the forest. Look down to see the creek and smaller trees, like ferns and mosses, or up to marvel at the grand 65m tall trees, like the Mountain Ash and ancient Myrtle Beech trees. Some are more than 300 years old!

This part of the treetop adventure is suitable for everyone. It is wheelchair accessible. Prams or strollers and walking frames can also be used on the level surface consisting of steel grating.

I highly recommend taking a camera with you to take some photos during the short walk. There is also some information written around the platform on the rails which can provide interesting details about the rainforest and its plants.

The part that can be a challenge

Unfortunately, the 350m long walk down to Cement Creek is not for everyone. The steep steps leading down from the platform to the water can be a challenge for some. However, you get to see the creek and rainforest floor up close. This walking trail is a great physical activity for those into sport. Older kids, including teens, will enjoy the Rainforest Gallery.

There are handrails for your safety on the boardwalk and the steps.

A quick tip: Wear comfortable shoes for the walk, and bring a jacket (waterproof, if you can). It can get pretty cool in the forest, and it may rain at any time.

Some fun for the kids at Warburton Rainforest

There is a lot of flora to see in the Rainforest Gallery but some of it can get pretty boring and repetitive.

Engage your kids with an ‘I Spy’ game during the walk through the forest. Have fun with Augmented reality features and apps on your phone. Or simply breathe in the fresh air and listen closely for any interesting sounds.

Note that the rainforest is a damp place, so be careful on the steps, especially on or after a rainy day.

Facilities at Warburton Rainforest Gallery

  • Toilets

There are no toilets in the Rainforest Gallery. The closest public toilet is about a minute away, just past the Gallery entrance. Head east on Acheron Way for about 60m. It is called ‘Cement Creek - Public Toilets’ on Google Maps. Get the location here.

  • Parking

Parking is free along the road opposite the Rainforest Gallery. It can get pretty busy during the weekend, school holidays and public holidays. Be prepared to walk a couple of meters to the platform and trail. Go to the Location tab to get directions.

  • Other facilities

There are no BBQs and no picnic areas. 

There are no drinking taps either.

We recommend bringing your own water and snacks as the closest cafes, restaurants and food shops are in Warburton (8 km away, about a 10 min drive).

There are no rubbish bins. You will have to take all your rubbish with you.

Important note about Warburton Rainforest Gallery

There is a total fire ban in the area, and this is especially critical with the recent bushfires around Australia.

School Holidays’ Tip

This is an enjoyable destination for a short walk (30 minutes to 1 hour). You can use this as a stop on your way to or from Mount Donna Buang.


Age Groups

Preschool (3-5)
Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)
Young teens (12-14)
Teens (15-17)
Students (18+)

Special Needs

Hearing loss
Physical disability

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