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Mornington Park

Play at Mornington Park – a delightful seaside playground with a wooden ship, swings & more. A perfect family picnic spot with BBQs.

Mornington Park


  • Plenty of space

  • Close to the beach

  • Beautiful coastal view

  • Kids playground

  • Picnic spots & BBQs

  • Dog friendly

More info

Mornington Park is a beautiful park in Mornington Peninsula near the main shopping street and beaches.


Kids will love the Mornington Park playground. The main highlight is the wooden ship structure they can climb on. There are also slides, many swings and more fun playground equipment.

There is also plenty of open grass space to run around and throw a ball or frisbee.


Mornington Park is quite accessible. The playground ship structure has a ramp that is pram and wheelchair friendly. In addition, there are flat paths around the park that are also suitable for wheelchairs and prams.


The park is well maintained, making it an ideal picnic spot with BBQs, public toilets and plenty of benches and picnic tables.

Dog friendly park

Dogs are permitted only on a leash in the park.

While you're there

From the lookout across the road, you can enjoy some spectacular views of the Mornington Peninsula coast, beaches and bay. There is also a little museum not far away from the park and playground that you can visit.

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