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What is schoolholidays.com.au?

schoolholidays.com.au is a project of two families, who happened to have the same problems with organising their kids' free time after school and during school holidays. Alex and Elena, co-founders of schoolholidays.com.au, a place full of activities for your kids. Meet Alex and Elena, the founders of schoolholidays.com.au When Alex's kids were little, he and his wife (both working parents) felt stressed every time the school holidays were approaching. They tried to make a list of possible activities to entertain their kids, all while juggling work and other commitments. One day while thinking about what to do during the holidays, they had a flash of an idea. How great would it be to have a website where busy parents, just like them, can find all information about kids' activities and events all in one place? Elena's family of three moved to Australia in 2017. Here, Elena and her husband were faced with hours of browsing the internet for things to do with their daughter when she isn't at school. This was especially difficult as they were still new to the area and the country and did not have much knowledge about recreation options. As working parents, they could not afford such a luxury regularly. Being entrepreneurs, they started to think about a solution to this problem. An unexpected turn of fate brought both families together. Since both of them have nurtured the same idea, they decided to team up and create a website that would help parents and their children find activities and events more easily. No more hours spent bored browsing the web. No more hassled planning on Friday night. This is how schoolholidays.com.au was born. We love school holidays! We want your family to enjoy our fun and easy-to-use platform, with lots of things to do for every child and every family.

The Vision

At schoolholidays.com.au, we believe that providing kids with more experiences and opportunities to have a happier childhood, while helping parents budget and schedule better, is so satisfying that every family who joins us does so with joy.

The Mission

At schoolholidays.com.au we aim to provide parents and carers with unlimited access to our database of events, activities, school holiday programs and places. Here you can find everything to have a fantastic time with your family as well as discounts and offers for specific programs. But we are not just an app for busy parents. We also strive to help businesses - from small workshops right up to local councils - to engage more with families and their kids to build long-lasting relationships with them. We believe that schoolholidays.com.au can help businesses grow and prosper, delivering those services that parents are looking for. As a business, you will be able to access a flexible marketing tool to promote your services to Australian families with kids. This tool can help you to entice more customers with promotional offers and to upscale your business.

The Brand

Schoolholidays.com.au is a trademarked brand that began its history in Melbourne in 2018. Suitable for families with children of all ages and abilities, we aim to collect and provide our users with the most appropriate activities, events, and school holiday programs for their needs. We strive to create a digital space where any mom, dad or carer can find exactly what they are looking for to educate and entertain their kids.

The Values

At schoolholidays.com.au we are guided by three main values Kids come first We believe that every child deserves to get the most out of their childhood. We want to provide parents and carers with a cutting-edge tool where they can find the best choices possible for their kids, saving their precious time browsing the internet. Making kids happier We believe that all children have the right to have fun. We know that kids' happiness can be achieved at an affordable price for their parents' pocket. We aim to gather activities and events that deliver outstanding value for money and bring a smile to each member of your family. Empowering children with additional needs Every child is unique. Every child has the right to have fun. We want to make kids and their families happier regardless of any existing challenges in their lives. We aim to provide parents and carers with a useful tool where they can find suitable activities and programs for their specific needs.
We invite you to become a part of our community and support us in delivering a fantastic service to Australian families and promoting more family fun times.
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