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16 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Music Lovers In 2023

Author: Daria Osipova | Updated Nov 29, 2023

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the musician or music lover in your life? Well, you've come to the right place! Below, we've rounded up 16 unique gifts for music lovers, plus one bonus idea we think is too awesome not to include!

A complete list of unique gifts for music lovers or musicians they will love.
Amazing gifts for music lovers or musicians they will love

Our ideas are uncommon goods cooler than just a karaoke microphone, wireless headphones, bluetooth speaker, record player, vinyl record, coaster, guitar pick or music box that your friend or family member may already have or get from someone else.

And no, we will not suggest you to just get a gift card for them! 😂

Read on for our list of great gift options for all budgets, including mostly cheap and affordable items ranging from $8 to $32. So, you're sure to find a thoughtful gift for all music lovers and musicians you know here!

Navigate to the best gift ideas for music lovers in 2023:

🎶 Are you wondering, is listening to music a hobby for real? Good news - we've unpacked this very question in a detailed article all about music as a hobby that you can read today!

Vinyl Record Mouse Pad

Vinyl Record Mouse Pad.
Vinyl Record Mouse Pad
  • Price: from $8.49 on Amazon

This mouse pad is an affordable, practical and cool music gift idea for retro music fans. The material is soft, smooth, non-slip and easy to clean. 

Also, they'll love the pop of colour it adds to their work area!

Genius Music Playing Cards

Genius Music Playing Cards.
Genius Music Playing Cards
  • Price for the new cards: from $9.67 on Amazon

Spice up your friend or family's card games with these playing cards featuring illustrations of the most iconic musicians and artists from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. 

Each suit represents a genre: hearts is pop, spades is rock 'n' roll, diamonds is folk & country, and clubs is soul, blues & R&B music. 

Personalized Spotify Music Keychain

Personalized Spotify Music Keychain.
Personalized Spotify Music Keychain
  • Price: from $9.99 on Amazon

This keychain displays a code to your music lover's favorite song and you can choose the colour of the keychain, black, gold, silver or rose gold.

Using their phone camera, they can play music on the go and share their favorite song with others! The keychain really is a fantastic, affordable, custom music gift for all ages and genders.

Music Snob Socks

Music Snob Socks.
Music Snob Socks
  • Price: from $9.99 on Amazon

These colourful socks with "music snob" written on the sole are the best music gift for the music lover friend or family member with a great sense of humour.

If you don't like the message on these socks, the same brand offers ones with "rock out socks out" and "vinyl snob" messages that you might prefer!

Check them out via the same link above. 

Retro Cassette Tape Dispenser Pen Holder

Retro Cassette Tape Dispenser Pen Holder.
Retro Cassette Tape Dispenser Pen Holder
  • Price: from $13.99 on Amazon

This retro cassette player tape dispenser and pen holder is one of the most creative gifts for music lovers, while also being very helpful in desk organisation. 

This is the perfect present for the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s music fan in your life. 

Music Oracle Cards

Music Oracle Cards.
Music Oracle Cards
  • Price on the New cards from $14.04 on Amazon

These inspiring oracle cards are the perfect girl for the music lover that is a fan of spirituality, tarot or astrology. The cards feature famous musicians and motivational quotes. 

The cards can be pulled to get a message, confirmation or sign, or just for fun! 

"Game That Song" Game 

Game That Song Game.
Game That Song Game 
  • Price: from $19.99 on Amazon

These are some of the most popular music playing cards and for good reason! The game challenges players to pick the best song for the topic on the card, revealing everyone's favourite music genres in the process.

The game is easy to learn and can be played in person and even long distance over video call, making it a great gift to send to friends or family living or moving overseas.

"Name That Toon" Music Trivia Game 

Name That Toon Music Trivia Game.
Name That Toon - Music Trivia Game 
  • Price: from $19.99 on Amazon

Another fantastic game perfect for the music lover who loves to have friends or family over for game night. Each card shows an illustration and the challenge is to correctly guess the popular song name it's representing.

The game is suitable for teens and adults who love music of many genres, and even those that are just casual fans without much music trivia knowledge!

Disco Ball Light Show Speaker

Disco Ball Light Show Speaker.
Disco Ball Light Show Speaker
  • Price: from $23.99 on Amazon

Bring the party with this awesome bluetooth standing disco ball portable speaker with built-in rotating colourful LED lights, perfect for younger music lovers and musicians in 2023. 

There is an option to enjoy music or lights only, or both together, making this a versatile gift and fun music listening experience for everyone.  

This Disco Ball Light Show Speaker can also become a hit for a camping party during the next Australian school holidays!

Rolling Stone: The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Coffee Table Book

Rolling Stone: The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Coffee Table Book.
Rolling Stone: The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Coffee Table Book
  • Price: from $32.67 on Amazon

This coffee table book showcasing 500 of the best album covers of all time is a wonderful gift for the person who doesn't listen to just one type of music.

This is a gift that offers them the perfect piece of decor for their home, and can also teach them more about music history! 

100 Taylor Swift Stickers

100 Taylor Swift Stickers.
100 Taylor Swift Stickers
  • Price: from $6.36 on Amazon

This pack of 100 Taylor Swift stickers features quotes, photographs, album covers and cartoon illustrations of many different songs, albums and eras. 

There are no duplicates or typos, and the stickers are durable, sturdy and waterproof, with high quality of printing and vibrant colours.

Taylor Swift Mug

Taylor Swift Mug.
Taylor Swift Mug - the “Swiftie” definition
  • Price: from $15.99 on Amazon

This “Swiftie” definition mug is a simple and practical gift for the Swiftie of any age or gender in your life. You don’t need to know their favourite Taylor Swift era to give them this mug.

You can choose a black or pink inside and handle. The lead-free and cadmium-free ceramic mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Taylor Swift Christmas Ornament

Taylor Swift Christmas Ornament.
Taylor Swift Christmas Ornament - Have a Merry Little Swiftmas
  • Price: from $18.50 on Amazon

Celebrate Swiftmas with this awesome Christmas ornament with a Taylor Swift illustration and the message “Have a Merry Little Swiftmas”. 

Even if your friend or family member doesn’t have a Christmas tree, this flat ceramic ornament can be a great decoration on a shelf, desk or hung on a door hook.

Taylor Swift Tote Bag

Taylor Swift Tote Bag - Here’s to another era of you.
Taylor Swift Tote Bag - Here’s to another era of you
  • Price: from $18.99 on Amazon

This adorable tote bag is covered with illustrations of Taylor Swift, lyrics and album names, so will satisfy any fan regardless of their favourite Taylor Swift eras. 

Plus, the encouraging message saying “here’s to another era of you” makes this the perfect, practical and aesthetic gift for any Swiftie in your life.

Taylor Swift Rainbow Lamp

Taylor Swift Rainbow Lamp.
Taylor Swift Rainbow Lamp - Love Story
  • Price: from $23.99 on Amazon

This awesome rainbow lamp lights up an adorable Taylor Swift figurine with the words “Love Story” written on the base. The colours can be changed to suit the space and mood. 

It’s the best gift for fans of Taylor Swift’s "Fearless" Era with its iconic song “Love Story”, but we’re sure fans of other eras will also appreciate the colourful lamp!

Taylor Swift Doormat

Taylor Swift Doormat - In this house, we listen to Taylor's Version.
Taylor Swift Doormat - In this house, we listen to Taylor's Version
  • Price: from $26.99 on Amazon

"In this house, we listen to Taylor's Version" is the perfect message to invite fellow Swiftie friends and family into the home! 

This awesome doormat is a fabulous gift for an adult, couple or family who enjoys listening to Taylor Swift. It’s got a non-slip rubber base and is also water-resistant.

🏆 BONUS: Rainbow LED Light Up Water Bottle

Rainbow LED Light Up Water Bottle.
Rainbow LED Light Up Water Bottle
  • Price: from $22.99 on Amazon

While this awesome rainbow LED light up water bottle with a headphone design is originally designed for kids, we think it would make a fun gift for teens and adults too. 

You can switch the built-in lights on and off and regulate the colours too!

As we wrap up our list of the perfect Christmas gifts for the music lover in your life, why not add a personal touch to your music-loving journey?

If you're curious about your own musical preferences and your Spotify stats, here's our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to get your Spotify Pie Chart. It's a fun and unique way to visualize your Spotify listening history.

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