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Lake Dobson

Lake Dobson, just 30 minutes from Mount Field National Park, is family-friendly, with a peaceful walking trail for kids of all ages. A valid national park pass is needed.
Lake Dobson


  • Relaxing nature walk near Hobart, perfect for families

  • It snows in winter - let's build a snowman!

More info

Lake Dobson is near Mount Field National Park, just a 30-minute drive away. Stroll around the lake via the circular loop boardwalk trail, the Padani Grove track, and admire the serene views and peaceful nature landscape.

Nature and wildlife

Discover a forest of pencil pines that are thousands of years old, pandani that are unique to Tasmania, and gorgeous snow gums at Lake Dobson. You might also spot a platypus in the lake. They are most active during dusk and dawn.


The track is a Grade 2 trail of hardened, compacted surface and has some gentle hills with occasional steps. Take care during colder months when ice or snow is on the trail.


There are toilets and a shaded shelter area at the start of the walking track. There are no BBQs.

Entry fees

A valid national park pass is needed to enter Lake Dobson. Read more about the cost here.

School Holidays Tips

The road is unsealed gravel mostly one way, so be careful! Drive slowly so you're able to safely slow down and back up to allow cars to pass from the opposite way.

It also snows in winter (from June to August, but it can snow outside of these months too) so prepare warm and waterproof clothing for cold weather, winds, and snowfall. The good news: you can build a snowman with the kids!

Photo credits: Ta Ssieco on Instagram, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Tim & Kala on TripAdvisor, Shannon Alice on Instagram

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