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PCYC Hawkesbury: Indoor & School Holiday Activities In South Windsor

Enjoy school holiday programs and indoor activities at PCYC Hawkesbury, an inclusive sports centre in Sydney’s north-west: Gym, Basketball, Soccer and more!
PCYC Hawkesbury: Indoor & School Holiday Activities In South Windsor


  • Fun sports club activities for kids and youth

  • Fun school holiday programs in Sydney North-West

  • Hassle-free sports party venue in Sydney North-West

  • Basketball, Gym Classes, Soccer and more activities!

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Indoor Activities In North West Sydney (Ages 3-16+)

Welcome to Hawkesbury PCYC, a safe and inclusive environment with affordable sports club activities in Sydney’s north-west suburbs! 

With a diverse range of options, kids of all ages, interests and fitness levels can enjoy exciting sports and recreational activities all year round. 

Whether it’s an intense workout or a relaxing indoor activity, PCYC NSW offers something for everyone to experience the joy of an active lifestyle!

🏆 Indoor Activities at Hawkesbury PCYC:

  • Badminton Court Hire (Indoor) - All ages

  • Basketball (Indoor) - All ages

  • Free G Classes (Gymnastics, Parkour, Obstacle Training and Freestyle Movement) - 5+ year olds

  • Futsal Competitions - 16+ years old

  • Gym Classes - Kids and Youth

  • Gym Classes - Toddlers and Preschoolers

  • Indoor Soccer Training for kids "Soccajoeys" - 3-5 years old

  • Netball Competitions - 14+ years old

  • School Holiday Programs, featuring multiple sports and fun activities - 5-12 year olds

  • Birthday Parties.

Explore all of PCYC Hawkesbury’s indoor activities for more details.

🤾‍♀️ School Holiday Activities in Sydney North-West (5-12 year olds):

During the NSW school holidays, PCYC Hawkesbury offers a wide variety of safe and inclusive sports and creative activities, including:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Dodgeball

  • FreeG (Gymnastics, Parkour, Obstacle Training and Freestyle Movement)

  • Gym

  • Indoor Games (Bingo, Charades, Lego, Scavenger Hunt and more)

  • Laser Tag

  • Multi-Sport Activities

  • Painting

  • Science Workshops

  • and more.

PCYC Hawkesbury’s school holiday activities are led by qualified coaches passionate about working with young people in a sports and recreation environment. 

Plus, PCYC NSW offers affordable school holiday programs and accepts the NSW Active and Creative Kids vouchers at every club.

Explore PCYC Hawkesbury’ s holiday programs to make the most of your next school holidays!

🥳 Birthday Parties at PCYC Hawkesbury:

Looking for the ultimate birthday party venue in north west Sydney suburbs? PCYC Hawkesbury is the perfect party hire provider to celebrate your child's special day! 

Their sports parties are fun and inclusive for kids of all ages and are hassle-free for parents. 

Choose your child’s favourite party activities from:

  • Ball Sports

  • Creative Arts 

  • Disco

  • Gymnastics

  • Laser Tag and

  • Ninja/Parkour.

Explore all PCYC Party packages on their website.

Kids with special needs

Please contact PCYC Hawkesbury to discuss possible options and tailored activities for your child with special needs.

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