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SS Ayrfield

Enjoy a lovely walk along the bay and discover Sydney's secret floating forest, the abandoned SS Ayrfield ship.
SS Ayrfield


  • Discover a Floating Forest full of mystery

  • One of the best abandoned places in Sydney

  • Free and safe to visit with family and kids

More info

Are you fascinated by history or curious to time travel?

The SS Ayrfield is one of the best abandoned places in Sydney that you need to visit. It is open to the public and can be safely viewed from the promenade, so no need to trespass to get a taste of the past!

What is SS Ayrfield?

SS Ayrfield is an abandoned 106-year-old ship nestled in Homebush Bay, which used to be a cemetery for retired old ships. It now lies unused with many decaying vessels from the past, including some from WWII. SS Ayrfield was built in 1911 in the UK and was used as a transport ship during the war before its retirement in Sydney.

How to get to SS Ayrfield?

SS Ayrfield is located at Wentworth Point in Sydney Olympic Park, NSW. There is an accessible flat walking trail going from the shops, restaurants and residential areas, along the bay and to the waterfront lookout over the abandoned ship.

What to do here?

Take a lovely, leisurely stroll overlooking the bay and city buildings. At the lookout, you can take beautiful photographs that capture the mysterious charm of SS Ayrfield, coined as the 'Floating Forest' because it now houses a thick mangrove forest. A memorable sight indeed!

A quick note

No swimming is allowed at Homebush Bay! It is unsafe due to pollution from ships in the water. Stay safe!

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