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Mount Keira Lookout

Enjoy breathtaking views of the city with the whole family while having a picnic. Challenge yourself with a 5.5km loop trail around the mountain.


Preschool (3-5)
Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)
Young teens (12-14)
Teens (15-17)
Students (18+)


Stunning views of the city - perfect photo location
Picnic tables with gorgeous views
Challenging walking trail through the forest
From $ 0 AUD

Mount Keira Lookout is a hidden gem near Wollongong, NSW, just over an hour from Sydney. Kids and families will love this spot with breathtaking views of the city and mountains.

This lookout is the perfect spot for gorgeous family photos and... picnics! There are several picnic tables overlooking the stunning view. There are also BBQs available, toilets and plenty of parking spaces.

Mount Keira Ring Track

There is walking track you can take all the way around Mount Keira through the sub tropical forest. It is a long 5.5km loop track that takes at least 3.5hrs to complete. Younger kids might not enjoy this activity as much as older and sporty kids!