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Deep Seas Wellbeing Programs

Wellbeing art workshops, peer support, mentoring, emotional and social intelligence training & more programs for kids, teens and young people.
Deep Seas Wellbeing Programs


  • Learn to manage emotions and improve your mental health

  • Get creative while learning mindfulness and resilience

  • Get outdoors to make friends and improve mental health

  • Social and emotional management for kids of all ages

  • Inclusive, safe space to feel heard and get support

  • Workshops and programs in and around Adelaide & online

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Everyone deserves to be heard, to be able to communicate their feelings with themselves and others, and to know how to do so in the best way.

Deep Seas is all about supporting young people with their mental health and wellbeing journey. Life can be a wild roller coaster ride, especially for youth, teens and kids. Learning how to manage your emotions and maintain your mental health is essential to living the most enjoyable life.

Everyone can be creative and let their imagination soar. The power to do so is in your hands!

At Deep Seas, we believe that everyone is creative, and the only limit is their own desire. We are committed to offering a safe enough space for youth, teens and kids, as well as those young at heart, to be brave, explore and let their inner creative side flourish.

Lived experience, family and peer supports, mentoring & more wellbeing programs

Deep Seas’ passion lies in supporting and improving mental health initiatives. We offer many types of support, therapy and mentoring sessions for people of all ages and backgrounds, with a special focus on youth, teens and kids. Our services include:

Ice Breaker - first meeting and consultation

This 30-minute consultation is free! Let's get to know each other. The goal is to learn more about you and what you're looking to achieve from our sessions together, so we can deliver the best experience to make you feel accepted, heard and supported.

At home family support

We offer emotional and practical support at the home to families experiencing any difficulties. Cost starts at $55 per hour.

Peer support and and psychosocial support

This support program is tailored to your individual needs with a focus on

  • Fostering hope through positive self dislosure
  • Developing healthy relationships within the community
  • Role modelling self care and other life skills
  • Goal oriented support and advice
  • And more with an emphasis on YOUR goals for these sessions.

You peer worker will be unbiased and open minded and will have a high ability to empathise immediately and directly with you, listen actively and support your needs as much as possible. They will provide a non-judgemental, safe space to share your story and communicate your feelings. Cost starts at $55 per hour.

Peer SEL skills training (online and in person)

This 1 on 1 session uses the DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) skills training model with the goal to solve problems constructively rather than in harmful, unhealthy ways, thus developing new, healthier habits and more helpful responses.

This coaching will teach you techniques to decrease behaviours that are

  • life threatening
  • interfere with you getting support
  • and those due to post traumatic stress.

You will learn to

  • have more self respect
  • have better behavioural skills
  • deal better with emotions
  • develop healthy habits that aid in recovery and improve your life.

These sessions are available online so if you are not based in Adelaide you can still access the service. Cost starts at $55 per hour.

What's The Buzz skill training (online and in person)

This program was designed for kids, teens and young people to help them improve their social and emotional skills and intelligence and get them ready to take on the world.

Today we live in a near constant state of stress and many struggle with anxiety and other mental health issues. Learning to manage stress and other negative emotions helps deal with obstacles in life and achieve more of your goals.

You will learn key skills such as how to

  • interpret human differences in a positive way
  • begin and maintain friendships and other relationships
  • improve your typical social behaviours
  • develop empathy and 'mind reading' skills
  • identify and self regulate emotions
  • remain optimistic and resilient in challenging situations
  • identify and respond constructively to dominant behaviours like bullying. put-downs and more

This 2 hour session is flexible and can be modified to suit kids of all ages, including

  • early age learners (ages 3 and up)
  • primary school learners (ages 7 and up)
  • teenagers (ages 12 and up)

The cost for the whole 2 hour session is $140 and it can be run at your house or venue, or online. Get in touch today if you're interested!

Wellbeing beginner art workshops

Most of our workshops and programs involve creating art as well as stepping out of your comfort zone by exploring the outdoors and participating in wellness challenges.

The beginner outdoor art workshop and therapy group aimed at kids, teens and those young at heart, promotes mindfulness skills through the practice of art making. The locations include beautiful gardens and parks in Adelaide and surrounds, such as

  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens
  • Himej Gardens
  • Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens
  • Brighton Beach
  • Semaphore Beach.

The group recreate something they spotted in the gardens and informally learn the techniques of WHAT, HOW and WISE MIND taught in DBT (Dialectical behaviour therapy). Each session is $55 per person.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch to book a spot today!

Social connection tourism

Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? Are you interested in meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you want to try a new activity or find a new hobby?

Deep Seas offers social connection tourism sessions, which involve creative entertainment and art activities in some of the best places to visit in Adelaide and surrounds. It's perfect for anyone wanting to meet others in the area and connect with like minded, interesting individuals and families!

Social tourism sessions are $10 each per person and include:

  • Art in the park or garden - paint and be surrounded by nature and creative people
  • Board game tourism - meet new people and try a fun new game!
  • Team sport tourism - make new friends as you try a new sport together!
  • Self care tourism - learn tips and tricks for self care with a friend
  • Expressive tourism - try new creative ways to express yourself and meet new people!

If this activity sounds exciting to you, get in touch today!

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