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Semaphore Beach

Visit one of the best family friendly beaches Adelaide has, with shallow water for kids to swim safely, and many more outdoor activities Adelaide has.

Semaphore Beach


  • One of the best swimming beaches Adelaide offers

  • Beautiful Adelaide sunsets watching location

  • Many outdoor activities Adelaide has for kids of all ages

  • One of the best dog friendly beaches Adelaide offers

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Semaphore Beach in Adelaide has pristine white sand and shallow water that’s great for safe swimming with kids. Dogs are allowed here too.

If it’s not your day for swimming, some outdoor activities Adelaide offers here are: 

  • a sea shell treasure hunt,
  • building sandcastles,
  • playing frisbee

And more fun things to do in Adelaide for kids of all ages.

Do be careful when walking barefoot so you don’t get cut on sharp sea shells. 

It’s a great place to come for a beach walk in the afternoon and catch one of the beautiful Adelaide sunsets.

Overlooking Semaphore beach is a grass area that’s also great for a family picnic. The Semaphore Jetty there is a popular fishing spot Adelaide has to offer. 

Looking for more of the best beaches in Adelaide? Check out Brighton Beach, and even more great Adelaide beaches on the Adelaide region catalogue.


Image credits: Nick Harding, Sanjith Joseph, Phil Tran on Google Images

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