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Deep Seas

Deep Seas


Deep Seas is a holistic support service for everyone - youth, teens, kids, families and those young at heart. Our mission is to help you connect deeper with yourself as well as with those most important to you.

You will learn how to manage difficult emotions, deal with challenging situations, change your mindset to become more optimistic and hopeful, and much more. Our services are flexible and made to align with your goals.

Behind the name

Did you know that Deep Seas is any acronym? It stands for these key values behind our work:

  • Dialectical thinking

  • Early intervention

  • Expressive therapies

  • Peer support

  • Sibling intervention

  • Education

  • Advocacy

  • Support that is holistic

In addition, we value and recognise the importance of lived experience while maintaining that our support services are trauma informed and recovery oriented.

The story

My name is El and I am the founder of Deep Seas. I created Deep Seas because I found myself, like many other, drowning unseen and unheard by today's mental health and child welfare systems.

For many years I was told to 'just get over it' and 'do better', which did not help me while I was trying to work through my childhood and intergenerational traumas. As a result, I lost connections with those I loved most and shut myself away from the world.

But eventually, my mindset changed. Before, I was convinced I was the only one with such issues, and there was no solution nor hope out there. Now, I noticed many of my peers with similar difficult situations and traumas that the current system could not help them with, mainly due to high-quality support services being out of reach for young people with limited money and resources.

This made me angry. I was no longer hopeless but became indignant. This system had to change! I refused to sit by and watch others struggle due to the poor system like I did.

I then realised my big dreams and inspirations. I had to make things better for myself and for those around me. Trauma can affect anyone, from young children to adults. No one deserves it. This is the spark from which Deep Seas was born.


Professionally, I am a certified Disability and Family Support Worker, DBT Skills Trainer and an Endorsed and Accredited What's the Buzz Facilitator. 

I also have a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and am on my way to finishing my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

Activities at Deep Seas

  • Deep Seas Wellbeing Programs
    • physical

    Deep Seas Wellbeing Programs

    Wellbeing art workshops, peer support, mentoring, emotional and social intelligence training & more programs for kids, teens and young people.



Deep Seas Location

0434 325 981
66 513 728 338

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