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Hyams Beach Hampers

Hyams Beach is known as the beach with the whitest sand in the world. Visit this beautiful beach for a walk or a relaxing picnic with the family.

Hyams Beach Hampers


  • Beautiful, pristine beach near Jervis Bay NSW

  • Gorgeous and family-friendly location to visit in NSW

  • Lots of space for a relaxing picnic with the family

  • Enjoy a beach walk, the clear water and calm atmosphere

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Hyams Beach is known as the beach with the whitest sand in the world. 

It is indeed a beautiful, pristine beach in Shoalhaven, near Jervis Bay NSW. The white sand and contrasting crystal clear bright blue-green water make it a gorgeous NSW location to visit!

There are some safe areas to swim and lots of space for a relaxing picnic with the family. You can also enjoy a beach walk, admiring the clear water and calm atmosphere.

You’ll enjoy the great views of Jervis Bay from Hyams Beach. It’s a popular destination for families during the NSW school holidays as the calm waters and white sand make this beach perfect for families with kids.

At Hyams Beach, hampers are available to hire if you’d like a cosy setup on the beach. The hampers include a selection of local foods, a tent for some shade, and some cushions for comfort! 

It’s perfect for ensuring the best picnic for couples or the whole family. You'll want to come back again!

Don’t miss Hyams Beach next time you’re in South Coast, NSW, and while you’re here, unwind with a picnic setup from Hyams Beach Hampers.

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