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Ebor Falls NSW

Experience the beauty of Ebor Falls on a 2-hour drive from Coffs Harbour with your family. Don't forget to bring a picnic and enjoy the scenic views!

Ebor Falls NSW


  • Family-friendly destination near Coffs Harbour, NSW

  • Ample parking, picnic tables and facilities available

  • Stunning waterfall & gorgeous picnic grounds

  • Fantastic photo opportunities for families & nature lovers

More info

Take the kids on a 2-hour drive from Coffs Harbour to experience the beautiful Ebor Falls, NSW! The route from Armidale to Ebor Falls, Australia, only takes up to an hour.

Located in the Guy Fawkes River National Park, Waterfall Way, Ebor Falls are 44 - 50 m / 144 - 164 ft tall.

Please note that there's some construction going on, with the upgrades to be completed by mid-2023. Regardless of the repair works, the falls are easily reached via the viewpoint.

Ebor Falls is a gorgeous destination for families, picnickers and nature lovers. Dogs are not allowed, though.

This stunning place is worth a stop to distract the kids and get some fantastic photos of the top of the falls.

And with a large car park, a few picnic tables, an information display, public toilets and rubbish bins, Ebor Falls is the perfect place to take your family for a picnic lunch. 

Ebor Falls Walking Track around the beautiful waterfall is stunning! You can even climb to the waterfall's base to swim at the pools.

If you’re looking for the next outdoor adventure, check out these most beautiful waterfalls Australia has!

Photo credits

A very special thank you to Nathan Astbury, Mauro Losekann, and Kaushik Botta for the provided Ebor falls photos.

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