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Online Kids Cooking Classes & Kits

Learn great recipes in Kids Pantry's fun cooking online kids classes and in their fantastic kids cookbooks!


Preschool (3-5)
Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)
Young teens (12-14)
Teens (15-17)


Fun online cooking classes for kids
Kids cookbooks with fantastic recipes

Kids Pantry offers online cooking classes for kids of all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced students wanting to improve their cooking skills and learn more fantastic recipes.

Learn to cook from home with a range of fun cooking programs available:

  • 9 Week Easy Cooking Program
  • 9 Week Sweet Treat Cooking Program
  • 9 Week Let's Do Breakfast Cooking Program
  • 52 Week Exclusive Cooking Program

Kids Pantry sometimes runs pop up cooking classes! Stay in the loop via our website and social media!

Kids Baking Kits

Kids Pantry's cooking packs and baking kits are a fun kids activity at home. From vegan chocolate cake mixes and hot chocolate kits to pizza dough mixes and more. There are even holiday themes additions, like Christmas gingerbread baking kits.

Kids Recipe Books

Kids Pantry offers kids cookbooks with great recipes kids will love to make, including yummy breakfast recipes, easy lunchbox recipes, vegan recipes and more!

Kids Lunchbox Packs

Kids Pantry delivers great lunchbox packs with 12 nutritious and delicious meals straight to your door each week! Perfect for busy families in Canberra during the school year. You can select your preferred ingredients and dietary needs or allergies.

Check out this list of creative, entertaining and educational online classes for kids. From crafts and stories to music lessons and dance classes and more!