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King George Falls, Kimberley

Explore the wild beauty of King George Falls during your family holiday in Broome. The highest twin falls in WA. April-May is the best time to visit.

King George Falls, Kimberley


  • The falls are spectacular - adventure for the whole family!

  • The falls can only be accessed by cruise or scenic flight

  • The best time to visit is April to May

  • No entry fees. Dogs are not allowed at King George Falls

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If you're visiting Broome during the WA school holidays, consider visiting the magnificent King George Falls, WA.

King George Falls is one of the best things to do in Kimberley, Western Australia. 

Located in the remote North Kimberley Marine Park, this stunning 80 - 100 m / 262 - 328 ft waterfall can only be accessed by cruise or scenic flight that adds an extra layer of excitement and adventure to your family trip.

King George Falls cruises are available from Kununurra, and flights depart from Broome and Kununurra, WA.

Being the highest twin falls in Western Australia, King George River Falls are spectacular. The whole family will be impressed by the mass of water plunging over the cliffs.

The best time for visiting King George, Australia, Falls is April to May when the wet season is just finished, and there is plenty of water.

King George Falls entry fee

There are no entry fees to King George Falls.

King George Falls dogs

Dogs are not allowed at King George Falls.

Planning your next holiday adventure? Discover Australia’s best waterfalls to visit with your family!

Photo credits

A very special thank you to Fouad Serrah, Charles Gimes, Manuel Felipe Cruz Morales, Chris Collett and Romeo Mike Mike for providing the amazing images.

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