MacKenzie Falls @ Grampians National Park

Explore the stunning MacKenzie Falls, Grampians! Perfect for outdoor adventures: camping, stunning views, several lookouts & walks, picnic area & more

MacKenzie Falls @ Grampians National Park


  • MacKenzie Falls are a perfect place for active families

  • Several lookouts and walks cater to different abilities

  • The steep 2 km return walk is challenging for younger kids

  • Free parking, clean toilet, lots of space for a picnic lunch

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MacKenzie Falls in the beautiful Grampians National Park is a hidden gem of 20 - 25 m / 65 - 82 ft that is sure to take your breath away. 

The MacKenzie Falls - Melbourne drive takes about 3.5 hours to get to the falls, so you might consider the camping or accommodation options near MacKenzie Falls, Victoria.

You can reach MacKenzie Falls from several lookouts and walks, which start at the carpark and cater to different abilities.

MacKenzie Falls walk is a steep 2 km return walk to the waterfall's base to see its beauty up close. Please note that there are 260 narrow steps to reach the base of the falls, so the return climb to the top might be challenging for younger kids.

MacKenzie Falls lookout walk is an easy wheelchair-friendly 1.9 km return walk from Bluff Lookout through the bushes that offers you stunning views of MacKenzie Falls and the MacKenzie River. 

MacKenzie Falls lookout is the only spot where multiple river cascades flow through the gorge. 

There is plenty of free parking, clean toilet facilities and many places to have a picnic lunch with your family. Dogs are not allowed, though.

Kids will love climbing rocks, bushwalks and endless outdoor adventures! 

From hiking and picnicking to swimming and sightseeing, there's something for everyone at MacKenzie Falls, Victoria. It's the perfect holiday destination in Victoria for families who love to explore and have fun.

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