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Best Australian Short Film Competition 2023 (Prize Pool $75,000+)

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your movie on the big screen? Now's your chance! Enter the Best Australian Short Film Competition today to win incredible prizes!

Best Australian Short Film Competition 2023 (Prize Pool $75,000+)

Ever dreamt of seeing your own movie on the big screen? 🎬 Well, now's your chance!

✨ Quick Glance:

  • πŸ’° Total Prize: A whopping $75,000!

  • Who Can Join? Everyone, starting from 12 year olds and up. Young movie stars, this is your time! (If you're under 18? Grab your parent's permission)

  • Cost to Enter? Absolutely FREE! That’s right, zip, nada, zero!

  • πŸ“… Deadline? Main contest ends January 22, 2024, but there’s a super special prize ending on January 5, 2024. Mark your calendars!

✨ Lights, Camera, Action!

Whether you're the next Spielberg or just starting out with your phone's camera, this is your chance. Tell your story, be it funny, serious, mysterious – whatever works for you! But keep it under 10 minutes. And remember, the sky's the limit when it comes to creativity!

✨ How to Enter:

  1. Make a fun short film – remember, no longer than 10 minutes! πŸŽ₯

  2. Hit the Enter button to learn all the details and send it over!

  3. Sit back and dream of that prize!

✨ Are you between 12 and 18? There's a special prize just for you – The Next Gen Youth Prize!

So why wait? The spotlight is waiting for you! 🌟πŸŽ₯🍿

Terms and Conditions:

Dive deep into all the details here!

Ended on 22 Jan 2024

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