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Talent Club Australia

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About us

Talent Club Australia - Public speaking & Creative Writing Programs with a difference!

All our programs both online and in- person are highly interactive, facilitated by Teachers that are experienced Coaches, teaching in both private and public schools.

We follow the standards created by Australian Speech and Communication Association. Students are prepared and are encouraged to participate in our annual showcase.

Public speaking is a core skill that provides lifelong benefits – whether speaking to a small group of people or to a stadium filled with 50,000. Once gained, learning public speaking makes a person more confident overall. Whatever your grade in school is -  get over your fears by continuous practice of these skills.

With Creative Writing, we teach students to really dig down dip, to not just take things as they are on the surface but to investigate, which is a lesson that will remain with them throughout the rest of their lives. The real benefit of learning Creative Writing while in school, is the gift of giving students a new way to look at themselves and it

Our Programs are designed to assist young speakers and writers in the development of their written and oral presentation through debating and dram, essential skills like

?        Building vocabulary

?        Use eye contact, expression and body language

?        Choose the right words for a topic of the speech - How to make words


?        Control pauses and fillers (ahs and umhs)

?        Practice, Perform and Evaluate with peers

 ?       Leadership skills

Talent Club Australia

16 Kooringal Avenue, Thornleigh, New South Wales 2120
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