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Write For Us: Blogging Guidelines

Looking for an opportunity to become a guest writer for our blog? Here it is! Schoolholidays.com.au aims to support every author and give them the opportunity to get their articles published on our blog so parents around Australia, New Zealand and other countries can enjoy reading informative, helpful and interesting content. Write For Us: Blogging Guidelines at schoolholidays.com.au
Before you submit your article, please carefully read and follow our guidelines. This is because we want our readers to have the best experience reading your article.
Here's what our readers appreciate:


Your article must be original and should not be published elsewhere (even on a personal blog).


  • Please write at least 1000-2000 words.

  • Feel free to use any images that have no copyright infringement. They must be your own images or used with the permission of the creator. Please provide an image source.

Real-life examples

  • Feel free to use any real-life examples and relevant images as our readers love those! Please keep in mind that images must not violate copyright law and you’ll need to provide an image source.

  • Write for your readers! Think about your audience and craft your message specifically for them. If you want your articles to always perform well and attract a great readership, you must always think of what your readers want and deliver exactly that.

Reader-friendly formatting

  • Use proper formatting for headings and titles (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to structure your article.

  • For easier reading, short paragraphs and bullet points work their best.

  • Our marketing team keeps the right to edit your article and optimise it for SEO at our own discretion as we pursue to provide exceptional content for our readers while ranking high on Google.


  • Maximum links that you can include in your post: 3 (excluding our links). The links must support your points and must link to different domains.

  • We keep the right to take out and replace links and change their anchor texts at any time and without the author's consent.

Author’s bio

Let our readers know about you! Your bio can include:
  • Your full name;
  • Your photo or a logo of your business in 200px*200px (JPG or PNG format);
  • A short description (around 2-5 sentences or 220 characters);
  • Your social handle links;
  • Your website if any.

What we will not publish on our blog:

  • An article that is hard to read or with too many errors.
  • Submissions that bring no value to our readers.
  • Identical topics and content that have already been published on our blog recently.
  • Self-promoting posts and direct advertising.
  • Content making claims without evidence.
  • Offensive and inappropriate content that is not in line with our mission, values and terms and conditions.
  • Your article needs to be informative, helpful, interesting or entertaining for parents or those planning to have kids. You can briefly mention who you are and your business or product, but please don’t make the whole article about that.

All your submissions are voluntary and do not incur any remuneration. Our focus and goal is to give writers an opportunity to have their work and talent seen by lots of parents around Australia and New Zealand.
Once your article is published, we will support you as a writer all the way and promote your work on our website and our social media channels so our fast-growing community of families can discover your work. Good luck! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want some help getting started or if you want to know more about our readership and blog stats. Or if you just want to brainstorm ideas! Want to get rolling? Shoot an email to support@schoolholidays.com.au or fill in our contact form.

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