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STEM Birds

STEM Birds


Robotics for kids, coding classes & STEM holiday programs in Melbourne

STEM Birds’ mission is to create a fun and engaging platform where children learn coding and also have opportunities to get creative using code.

STEM Birds team believes Robotics for kids is an essential element of the present and future of technology. 

Their Melbourne Robotic classes can help kids gain a clear understanding of the basics of electronics and computing.

STEM Birds’ curriculum is designed based on the top technology trends, allowing kids to develop key skills like:

  • design thinking 
  • logic formation 
  • critical thinking 
  • product development and 
  • coding skills. 

Discover Term Classes & STEM holiday programs at STEM Birds:

  • Coding workshops for kids to get an introduction to coding and learn block programming.
  • STEM holiday program during the Victorian school holidays where kids learn the basics of designing and programming a robot and get to build and program their own robots.
  • Coding classes for kids to start learning to code early on, setting them up for academic and career success.
  • Robotics for kids to learn Maths and Physics concepts through fun and engaging activities, games and experiments.
  • Online coding classes for kids to learn coding with expert instructors, all from the comfort of home.

With STEM Birds, kids will learn coding and robotics through hands-on activities. They will build their skillset in programming and robotics which will set them up for success at school, university and work.

Melbourne robotics and coding classes for kids near you:

  • Melbourne South-West Suburbs: STEM Birds Office 202, Level 1, C5 Building, 2 Main Street, Point Cook Shopping Center, Point Cook VIC 3030 
  • East Melbourne Suburbs: Bowen Street Community Centre, 102 Bowen Street, Camberwell, VIC 3124
  • South-East Melbourne: Aspendale Gardens Community Centre, Stevenson Reserve, 103-105 Kearney Dr, Aspendale Gardens VIC 3195
  • Melbourne CBD / Western Suburbs: Yarraville Community Centre,59 Francis St, Yarraville VIC 3013
  • Melbourne CBD / North-Western Melbourne Suburbs: North Melbourne Community Centre, 49-53 Buncle St, North Melbourne VIC 3051. 

Join STEM Birds’ coding & robotics classes today to learn new, useful and interesting concepts and build your own robot from scratch!

STEM Birds Robot Library 

For the first time ever in Melbourne, you can borrow a wide variety of educational robots designed to help your child develop their STEM skills and inspire their imagination. 

From dancing and singing robots to those that play games, there's something for every child at the STEM Birds Robot Library. 

Plus, your child can create their own unique robots with robotic STEM kits! 

Borrow a robot from the STEM Birds Robot Library today and begin exploring the world of robotics with your child!

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