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Skill Samurai Elsternwick

Skill Samurai Elsternwick


Coding camp & robotics for kids in Elsternwick

Skill Samurai Elsternwick, based in Melbourne South-East, offers a unique curriculum that's all about making learning fun and engaging for your kids, while teaching critical STEM skills so the kids can benefit in the future!

Skill Samurai guides 7-14 years old children on a learning journey. Kids can engage with subjects like Maths, English, Coding and Robotics using the power of gamification, creating video games and programming robots. 

After-school and school holiday activities

Skill Samurai Elsternwick provides children with engaging Coding & STEM activities:

  • After-school coding classes for kids (6-16 years old) during school terms

  • Saturday morning classes for kids

  • School holiday camps during the VIC school holidays

Skill Samurai is all about helping kids become confident learners and develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills and teamwork.

If you are ready to turn your child's screen time into a remarkable learning experience, join Skill Samurai Elsternwick today!

Activities at Skill Samurai Elsternwick

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