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Penny Lane’s Music Workshop

Penny Lane’s Music Workshop


Vibrant, community focused music school where kids in a relaxed and fun focussed way that enhances their engagement and their results.

We believe that children (& adults) learn best when they are enjoying their experience. With this philosophy at the heart of our school, we have created a vibrant learning space & a fun-filled, enriching curriculum.

While delivering all the elements of musical theory and practice, we allow the lessons to be ‘student-led’ in terms of the musical styles that are explored.

Jamming is an integral element of our curriculum. All students get an opportunity to play with others in both ensemble or band format.

Our students enjoy regular performance opportunities at our chilled-out, low-pressure 'Comfy Concerts’. Where they can jump up or pull out, according to how they feel on the day. Our students experience a warm sense of community at these regular friendly events. This comes hand in hand with feeling safe & supported to be exactly who & where they are.

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Penny Lane’s Music Workshop Location

0450 793 720

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