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Mindstem Pty Ltd

Mindstem Pty Ltd


Join Skill Samurai Eastwood for Coding Courses, 3D Printing Workshops and more activities in North-West Sydney

Skill Samurai Eastwood is your go-to centre for Coding, STEM courses and Maths tuition for kids aged 6 to 14. 

At Skill Samurai Eastwood, learning is a thrilling adventure of discovery and fun! 

Their after-school classes during the school terms and diverse school holiday camps in North-West Sydney throughout the NSW school holidays offer an immersive world of exploration, creativity, innovation and lots of fun.

Get ready to explore many thrilling topics, including:

  • Coding with Minecraft, Roblox and Scratch,

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), 

  • 3D Printing workshop, and 

  • YouTube Creation workshops. 

Skill Samurai Eastwood’s mission is to spark a genuine interest for coding and STEM, inspiring curiosity that goes well beyond the classroom.

They focus on delivering interactive and engaging term and school holiday activities, making learning very enjoyable!

Join Skill Samurai Eastwood for an unforgettable journey into the world of technology and imagination!

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