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Metart Entertainment

Metart Entertainment


Discover Metartworld's Interactive Art Exhibition In Melbourne

Welcome to Metartworld in Melbourne, Australia's and World's largest indoor scrap metal art gallery, showcasing unique artworks from international artists. 

Guinness World Record Holder 🌟

MetArt received the Largest Indoor Scrap Metal Art Gallery award in 2024!

Discover stunning metal art statues throughout the art space, each handmade from scrap metal and recycled material. The hours of crafting and polishing put into each art piece create impressive details and texture. 

This fantastic space will bring back and recapture the joy of childhood memories. 

The interactive exhibition is great for groups of all ages and sizes, including fans of anime, movies, animals, the military, cars, motorcycles and princesses. 

Each piece is interactive: you’re welcome to take pictures, touch, hold, sit, ride, and drive them. So don’t miss the opportunity to create the best memories that you will cherish in the future!

Step Into An Enchanted Light Exhibition In Melbourne

The Fantasy Starry Sky Exhibition on the second floor displays a perfect combination of advanced technology with the world of light and shadows. 

Feel free to take as many photos as you like: every single one will feel like looking stepping into a blockbuster movie!

No matter where you start, each exhibition is perfect in its own way and will make you want to stay for the whole day!

Melbourne's Most Unique Metal Art Gallery - Fun For All Ages!

Covering an area of 2,000 square meters, you can enjoy:

  • Over 12+ themed exhibitions, 

  • A 360-degree immersive experience tunnel, and 

  • A bright and romantic 5D starry sky that covers an area of about 400 square meters. 

Metart’s themed spaces allow you to experience the feeling of roaming freely in the universe, breathing in the brisk morning air while walking through a lush green field, wandering through the galaxy and much more. 

Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone!

Free Creative Workshops For Young Artists

Metartworld has a long-term art curriculum to provide children under 15 with an enriching and colourful handmade art experience during school terms and VIC school holidays.

The project is free and included in the admission ticket.

Enjoy the great collection of handicraft courses & creative workshops

At present, there are more than 30 fantastic handicraft courses collected, from button painting to paper 3D puzzles and more. 

Check out drawing, painting, installation, collage, sewing, and even more exciting creative mediums! Metart will continue to launch more creative and exciting free handicraft courses.

Learn more about Metart’s free creative workshops today!

Get Creative With Craft Classes in Melbourne

METART studio provides enriching workshop subjects in Australia. 

They offer more than 60 DIY projects for all age group visitors, including 

  • the Turkish mosaic series, 

  • whipped cream decoration series, 

  • plaster doll painting series, 

  • sculpture painting collection, 

  • fluid bear pouring DIY, 

  • miniature box theatre, 

  • jewellery beading, 

  • shell painting, 

  • embroidery 

  • and more! 

Visit the METART Studio webpage to learn more today.

Enjoy New Activities and Immersive Experiences

  • VR Theme Park - Diverse VR Devices: Experience the thrill with a wide range of VR devices designed for various types of play, including standing, seated, and moving experiences. Learn more about VR Theme Park.

  • Free E-Sport Games: Enjoy four exciting free E-sports game series (Grid, Laser, Press, Throwing) that add an extra layer of fun and competition to your visit.

  • Interactive Drawing at Art Lab: Try this creative and artistic interactive platform that is suitable for all ages. The real magic happens when you and your child or teenager finish your masterpieces and use the state-of-the-art scanners to digitise your artworks. Once scanned, your colourful creations are projected onto Metart's expansive interactive screen, coming to life in vivid detail. Watch as birds flutter, fish swim, and animals frolic, all brought to life by the children’s artistic efforts. Explore Interactive Painting Experience.

Activities at Metart Entertainment

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