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Leisa Payne School of Dance

Leisa Payne School of Dance


At Leisa Payne School of Dance, we specialise in all styles of Dance and Performing Arts classes for kids and teens. These styles include

  • Classical Ballet,

  • Tap Dancing,

  • Modern Jazz,

  • Contemporary,

  • Hip Hop,

  • Acrobatics Arts,

  • Petite Ballet,

  • Pilates,

  • Music Theatre and

  • Vocal Coaching.

While Leisa Payne School of Dance classes offer a fantastic way to spend time during the school term, if you're looking for more activities during the QLD school holidays, be sure to check out our recommendations on the things to do in Mackay on school holidays.

Leisa Payne School of Dance Location

0412 966 726
60 840 486 545

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