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Kodarit - Coding classes for kids (online coding lessons for kids)

Kodarit is Finland’s largest private coding school since 2015. Now offering coding courses for kids in Australia, Kodarit has many classes to choose from to suit your child’s skill level and interests.

At Kodarit, we believe that Coding is for everyone and we want to share this vision and challenge internationally. 

Kodarit's coding courses are fun and diverse and will challenge kids, teens and parents. We teach programming skills, algorithmic thinking, game design and computer sciences in fun and comfortable learning environments designed to be beginner-friendly. We highly value personal teaching, and this is why we keep our courses small, with at most 10 participants.

About Raquel, representative of Kodarit in Australia

I’m Raquel, a mother of a five-year-old, and I chose to study programming because I loved playing games on my computer. I was curious about how the games were created and because of that, I studied for an IT bachelor degree. Coding is about learning logical thinking and problem-solving, and this has allowed me to confidently face a great variety of challenges every day.

With the technology we have today, kids can start coding at an early age. The earlier children learn to code, the better their chances in their careers. I have worked in IT for 10 years, and I can see that future jobs will require people to have computer literacy and a good understanding of code.

Kodarit is the largest private programming school in Finland. At Kodarit, we believe that coding is for everyone and can be a kid’s favourite hobby. As a partner and a representative of Kodarit in Australia, I want to use this opportunity to promote and deliver coding lessons to everyone in Australia.

Together with our team, we want you to have fun and enjoy our coding lessons. It’s not just a matter of teaching coding skills but also building a relationship to achieve our goal of getting kids ready in the digital era.

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