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Kids Unlimited

Kids Unlimited


At Kids Unlimited, we believe every child should experience a wide variety of subjects in order to find the one area they are passionate about and can pursue to the best of their ability.

We value STEM education, the core foundations for lifelong learning. We offer parents and children convenient and engaging ​extra-curricular programs as well as online classes for kids, curriculum support and co-curricular partnerships for schools.

We believe that education is a journey that students and teachers undertake together. From discovering the basic concepts to developing deeper understanding and sharing their knowledge in a celebration of learning or competition.

To succeed in our digitally global society, it is important for students, and teachers, to be T-shaped learners. This involves gaining a wide breadth of experience and giving everything a go before picking one field in which to become an expert - to follow your passion!

We focus on creating this passion, engaging the students and challenging them to think in a different way. Success is defined for our students through their passion, joy and creations.

Our students are courageous learners, focusing on exploring an area of passion rather than outcomes. They take risks in their thinking, embracing every opportunity to develop their knowledge in a specific area - including competing in our events.​ 

​Personal interaction is key to inspiring students. We provide various avenues for students to interact with people passionate about their subject area. This allows for building of social skills with like-minded people and exposure to inspiring and passionate coaches.

These coaches are role models for following your passion and what you can achieve - the responsibility of having this knowledge is to share and teach someone else. We value the importance of sharing learning and passion. 

Speaking of passions and exploring new interests, the school holidays are the perfect time to dive deeper! Check out our latest updates on school holiday programs Melbourne offers to discover heaps of fun, learning and new adventures that your kids will be thrilled about.

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