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Jolong Park pioneers the way horses are seen by the world.

Here, you’ll capture the very essence of horses all in one purpose-built, state-of-the-art equestrian property, which is only a short 30-minute drive from Melbourne.

With the primary focus being horses and the secondary being education, Jolong Park provides six distinct product offerings, including Education, Agistment and Training, Horse World, RTO, Club House and Events.


Education is a priority for Jolong Park. Without a basic understanding of horses, it is impossible to move forward with the journey.

Jolong Park is proud to provide lessons, Melbourne school holiday programs and equine education programs.

Our staff are accredited to ensure you gain and experience the basics of horsemanship skills and help develop your riding skills further.

Here, at Jolong Park, you’ll be able to enjoy, learn and discover.


Horse riding lessons are a great starting point to learn how to ride or to get back into the saddle.

We’re pleased to provide safe and reliable school horses for you under the guidance of our qualified staff.

With our lessons, we often allow our riders to get involved with the grooming, tacking up and untacking to ensure your learning experience is not limited to the riding.

Your riding lessons will generally start off with a private, 30-minute lesson where you will be one-on-one with your

School holiday program

Kids love keeping busy on VIC school holidays, as do the parents, which is why Jolong Park is pleased to offer their exclusive School Holiday Program.

Catering to children aged 3 and up, Jolong Park offers two programs to allow your children to learn, ride and enjoy. 

The Jolong Park School Holiday Programs have been designed to allow children a unique opportunity to understand the basics of horses, progress with their riding and make like-minded friends.

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