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Dance Habit

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About us

We think dance is for everyone!

Founder and Director, Megan Jessop says:

“Growing up, dance was everything to me. I was a child who struggled to make friends at school, but dance taught me how to be patient and kind, to accept and love myself, to embrace a challenge and to never give up on my dreams, whatever they might be. Dance opened up a world of friendships, many of which I still treasure 25 years down the track! I want everyone to experience this journey, and it’s never too late to start.”

Dance often carries with it a stigma whereby only the students with natural ability or potential get any attention. Too often, we see and hear of children (and adults) disappearing into the shadows of a dance class, becoming just a number because they may never “make it” as a dancer. Here’s where we come in!

At Dance Habit, we understand that there is so much more to dance classes than just learning steps. Our students grow in dance ability, but more importantly, they grow in confidence and belief in themselves. They learn respect and trust and are surrounded by teachers and families who genuinely care about them.

Check out these kids' online classes and fun indoor activities to keep them entertained and busy. From crafts and stories to music lessons and dance classes to robotics lessons and coding classes and more!

Dance Habit

4/15 White Street, Maribyrnong, Victoria 3032
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