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Atomic School Pty Ltd

Atomic School Pty Ltd


Atomic School is the only organisation in the whole world that teaches advanced high school science topics across the full range of primary school students from Year 1 to Year 7. 

If you’re looking for one of the best STEM centres for STEM programs for youth and kids fun classes Brisbane offers, Atomic School is perfect!

The best part is that they make their Brisbane classes for kids FUN and EASY with heaps of

  • hands-on activities,

  • explanatory videos,

  • and spectacular demonstrations.

Parents are welcome to attend for free with kids aged under 8 years old to support them too!

Your kids will learn fundamental 21st-century science skills that are the gateway to many different sciences, including engineering, computer technology, nanotechnology, medicine and more.  

Why STEM matters in today’s world of innovation is the fact that most in-demand jobs are STEM jobs.

So it’s a great idea to prepare your children with key skills for future STEM career paths and skills for jobs that haven’t been invented yet! 

These Brisbane school holidays, if you’re wondering, is there

  • a great STEM class near me in Brisbane,

  • classes for 5 to 12 year olds near me,

  • or holiday workshops near me?

The answer is yes! Atomic School is here for you, so give their upcoming school holiday workshops for primary school kids a try!

Atomic School Pty Ltd Location

0428 880 868
63 655 344 335

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