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Aerobotics Global

Aerobotics Global


Aerobotics Global is a robotics education and learning centre in Melbourne that provides advanced robotics and programming courses in Melbourne. We also offer online robotics and coding programs for kids. With an aim to lead the way in coding for robotics education, we deliver the highest quality learning experience to our clients.

We offer a wide range of robotics courses and education programs, including summer courses, workshops, after-school programs, school holiday programs in Melbourne, programming and coding courses and more to students and teachers. Our coding and robotics courses are best suited for kids of all ages. We have a team of certified, knowledgeable, passionate trainers who leave no stone unturned in ensuring students receive hands-on, holistic learning experiences.

Our learning materials are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum and activities based on STEM concepts, including the approach to practising real coding for robotics, maintaining superior educational standards and preparing future world leaders!

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