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Kids Yoga, Mindfulness And Fairy Storytelling

Listen to fantastic stories of Fairyland and beyond. Enjoy listening to some of the most popular children’s books with Fairy Mary.


Toddlers (1-2)
Preschool (3-5)


Step into the world of Magic
Take on adventures in yoga and mindfulness
Learn self-calmness, self-awareness and social awareness

About us

Fairy Mary presents online classes that can allow your kids to step into the world of Magic and make them believe. 

Your kids can listen to stories of Fairyland and beyond that Fairy Mary tells as well as enjoy listening to some of the most popular children’s books. 

Through the wonder of stories and storytelling, Fairy Mary can take your kids on adventures in yoga and mindfulness. 

Fairy Mary teaches kids self-calmness, self-awareness and social awareness, including breathing and relaxation techniques for kids.

Check out Fairy Mary’s YouTube channel and enjoy the stories!

It is free for the time being. Soon, Fairy Mary will be launching an online yoga and well-being program which will work with a subscription fee. 

  • Age range: 12 months to 5 year old (Preschool kids)  
  • Duration: 20-40 minutes
  • Cost: free
  • Organised by Little Creatures Play Space and Party Venue and Fairy Mary Melbourne

Follow her on Instagram @littlecreaturesplayspace or Facebook so your kids can enjoy engaging stories and practice mindfullnes.

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