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For The Love Of Science Holiday Programs

Get curious these school holidays with fun science programs for preschool and primary school kids!


Preschool (3-5)
Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)


Fun science programs for curious kids
From $ 20 AUD
per child
Is your child curious? Do they want to learn more about the real magic that is SCIENCE?

For The Love of Science school holiday programs are fun, educational classes for kids who want to learn more about how the world around them works. There are several themes to choose from:

For preschool kids

Bubbles, colours and mess sessions. Make bubble snakes, watch colours run around plates and more!

Science magic, hands-on sessions. Make things fly, explode and more!

For primary school kids

Force and motion physics lessons. Build your own rocket to discover forces of attraction, the effect of friction, repulsion between magnets, air resistance and gravity.

How do objects move? Create objects that float in water and launch rockets to learn more about forces of attraction, buoyancy and thrust.

More program details, locations and fees

For The Love of Science science holiday programs are held at:

  • CIRE Chrinside Park
  • CIRE Yarra Junction
  • Cockatoo Community House

Each lesson runs for 1 hour. Some classes have a limit of 8 kids per session, so book in quickly! All classes are $20 per child.