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Etiquette Classes For Children, Kids & Teens (ages 7-12)

Join Auersmont's etiquette classes for kids and teens, to help your kid build resilience and confidence. Classes are based in Forrest Hill, Melbourne.
26 Jun 2021 09:00 - 11 Jul 2021 18:00
04 6634 4331


Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)
Young teens (12-14)
Teens (15-17)


Modern etiquette for kids and teens
Manners for kids and teens
Social etiquette
Dining etiquette
Etiquette classes Melbourne
Helps building confidence
From $354 $300 AUD
Book before 19 Jun 2021 for more than 15% off

About us

Auersmont School of Etiquette in Melbourne features a modern social and dining etiquette school holiday program for kids and teens.

Etiquette classes for kids

Etiquette classes for kids 7-12 years old. They will learn the foundations of etiquette that is achievable, memorable and guaranteed fun. At this Australian etiquette school, the kids can learn good manners, including social and table manners.

Etiquette for teens

Etiquette for teens is suitable for ages 13-17 years. In today’s world, teens are subject to innumerable pressures that can be difficult to negotiate. Auersmont's etiquette courses can help prepare your teen to build resilience and confidence in good social manners, communication and dining matters.

The Program Pricing:

  • $177 for Social Etiquette
  • $177 Dining Etiquette
  • $177 Communication Avenues

Hot deals and special offers that are available during these school holidays:

  • Children's Etiquette Classes - including Social and Dining Etiquette - $300.00
  • Teen's Etiquette Classes - including Social, Dining and Communication Avenues - $467.00

Classes can be done from home.

Etiquette Classes For Children, Kids & Teens (ages 7-12)

Auersmont School of Etiquette (Forrest Hill, Victoria) - 326 Canterbury Road Forrest Hill, Melbourne Victoria 3131