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Dance Habit Online Dance Classes

Welcome to Dance Habit! We provide a wide variety of dance classes for kids of all ages.


Toddlers (1-2)
Preschool (3-5)
Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)
Young teens (12-14)
Teens (15-17)
Students (18+)


Online dance classes for kids of all ages
Many types of dance classes
Supportive and welcoming studio environment
From $ 10 AUD
20% off online classes AND $10 casual online classes

Welcome to Dance Habit! We provide a wide variety of dance classes for kids of all ages.

Age range: from 2 years old to high schoolers 

Duration: Check out the class timetable here as there are many different styles for different age ranges.

Cost: Check out fees for 2-5 year old students here, and for students in Prep - High school here

From children’s to adult classes, across a range of styles, we provide the chance to bring true connection and the inner performer in you if that's in your lounge, bedroom or in your backyard! Our supportive and welcoming studio encourages students of all ages and backgrounds to love the way they move through safe and progressional dance practice. Mums and dads will also be pleased to learn that we insist on age-appropriate costuming, music and choreography.

Dance classes are a fantastic way for children of all ages to develop confidence, self-awareness and coordination while making friends and learning new skills in a fun and nurturing environment. At Dance Habit, we understand the developmental needs vary for each student, and we run our classes accordingly. Through dance, we stay connected.

Please email us if you have any questions at info@dancehabit.com.au or if you would like to enrol. Once enrolled you will be set up on our Parent Portal where you will be able to access a link for your online class.

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