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BMLF Now - Baby Love Music Fun Now

BLMF is a world-leader in teaching music with embedded milestone development & neuromusical science. Join our online classes today!


Toddlers (1-2)
Preschool (3-5)


Highly interactive classes for babies/toddlers and parents
Build a special connection with your child
Music education for babies and toddlers proven by science
From $ 15 AUD
Choose a deal that suits you best!

Sadly all our classes, parties, concerts are shut down due to virus.

But now we offer online classes! Our live-streaming results are very positive. We welcome existing and new clients to try our new interactive online classes in a parent/child format.

Some of the feedback for our online classes:

A-mazing. Gg and I had a dance and play for an hour anyway. Great resource to have the videos - thank you very much!
Accessing BLMF Now was very easy and Mae was so excited to see “Ora” on the big screen. The pace moved quickly enough to keep Mae engaged and there was a great mix of the familiar and new favourites. I really appreciated the explanations of the skills Mae was learning while having fun. We had a very positive experience and even Dad got to join in and see where Mae’s music skills are developing. Thanks again!

BLMF Now is not a passive experience but rather babies, toddlers and preschoolers all need an adult to do the class with them.

The classes are 40 minutes long - highly interactive - both parent and child learn together.

The classes are a fusion of high quality music, neuromusical & early childhood development science and emotion (focus on parent/child connections)

You will :

  • Learn how to use this to create emotional connections between you and child
  • Learn how to use music to accelerate your child's learning abilities and neural development 
  • Watch your child love learning music
  • Enjoy having a musical child and will continue wanting a musical education (yes! wanting to play an instrument)

We have various class options including Live Stream and On Demand, and you can pick whichever one suits you best!

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