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Art Academica School - Illustration Classes For Kids

This course will serve as a creative start to illustration for kids.


Primary school (6-8)
Middle school (9-11)


Develop your creative skills and imagination
Fun themed illustration activities
Use any materials you like
The whole family can join in
From $ 80 AUD

Let's talk about artists, colour, patterns, imagination. Every month will bring us a new theme that meant a new topic to discuss and illustrate. Practice illustration with 4 creative assignments.

These online courses for kids will serve as a creative start! New knowledge, skills and creativity!

Class duration is 90 minutes. Every Wednesday (1 month)

For ages 5-12.

Register via email, Facebook, Instagram or our website!

We strive to develop in children creativity from an early age, the ability to think and analyse, to work in mixed media and all kinds of materials. Each lesson is interesting and unique.

Accessibility of education is another one of our goals. By gaining access to lessons for one student, you can engage with the course with the whole family. In order to learn from us, you need only desire and the Internet. Our students become conscious, confident and creative, able to solve complex problems through imagination.

  • Every month will bring us a new theme that meant a new topic to discuss and illustrate.
  • May: Sandy-yellow Egypt
  • Start of the course: 6 May from 4.00-5.30pm (Wednesday)
  • You can draw with any materials, for example, pencils, Sharpies, pens, watercolours.
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