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Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

Walk the scenic Port Macquarie Coastal Walk and take in the breathtaking views of beaches and coastline.


9km of magnificent walking track
Offering scenic views of the coastline and beaches
Begins at the Town Green foreshore and continues to Lighthouse Beach
Great photo opportunities
3 hour return trail
Travels from the Lighthouse to the town

What you need to know

The mid-coast town of Port Macquarie is more than just a scenic stopover between Brisbane and Sydney - it's a wonderful coastal area with a picturesque shoreline pocketed with sections of beautiful beach. Those wishing to see this spectacle in all its glory can embark on a wonderful 9km walking trail that encompasses a blend of river, beach and an iconic lighthouse.

The walk also mixes in a dash of history with a range of plaques that detail past occurrences of the region, and each section of the walk has enough highlights to prevent any monotony. The Port Macquarie Coastal Walk can be done in approximately 3 hours - and walking from the Lighthouse to the town itself and capping the walk off with a refreshing beverage comes highly recommended.

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Additional Details

  • 9 kilometre walk (one way)
  • Will take approx 3 hours
  • Offers breath taking views of the coastline

Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

510 Short Street, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444