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Remarkable Cave

Explore the inside of the beautiful Remarkable Cave on the banks of the ocean, with stunning 360 degree views.


Explore inside the caves
No fees

What you need to know

Located 5 kilometres south of Port Arthur you’ll find the spectacular Remarkable Cave. Visible at the viewing platform by a 130 stair pathway, the caves can also be accessed from beach level allowing you to explore inside the cave. From the viewing platform you’ll definitely notice the beauty of this cave and that the entrance to the cave from the sea is shaped like a map of Tasmania, however by venturing inside you’ll be rewarded with a much more spectacular sight, allowing you stunning 360 degree views.

During rough weather the sand in the cave is often washed out to sea making the cave inaccessible without getting wet, however this does not detract from Remarkable Cave’s beauty. Inside the cave you’ll see an array of different coloured sandstone walls all with their own unique appearance. With no entry fees to discover Remarkable Cave’s, visiting this work of Mother Nature is a must do. Just be sure to visit on a clear day to minimise any possible dangers.

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  • Dangerous in wet weather
  • Low tide is best for visiting
  • No park fees