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Port Arthur Lavender

Please your eyes and your sense of smell with a visit to the beautiful Port Arthur Lavender farm.


Free self guided tours
Unique farm concept
Restaurant and store

What you need to know

One of Tasmania’s newer attractions, the Port Arthur Lavender farm provides one of the most stunning landscapes in a truly unique setting. Using one of nature’s finest fragrances, they have created a range of handmade products and gifts available for purchase that are bound to not only please your eyes, but your sense of smell also.

Growing, harvesting and processing more than 16,000 lavender plants, Port Arthur Lavender not only boasts an impressive field but also a delicious restaurant and shops for those with money to spend. With lavender infused fudges, ice creams, chocolates and cakes for sale, having a try of at least one of these items is a must.

Explore the fields in a self-guided tour for free, with interactive displays across the farm describing the lavender farming process. Observe firsthand how the distilling process work or enjoy a video of the many processes needed to produce the vast range of products available for sale. There is so much great stuff to do in this unique experience; it is truly one you won’t want to pass up. For anyone making the trip to Port Arthur, a visit to Port Arthur Lavender is one that will entertain you without breaking your budget.

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  • Free entry
  • Food and store products cost extra

Port Arthur Lavender

Port Arthur, 6555 Arthur Hwy, Port Arthur, Tasmania, 7182, Australia
Nature and Wildlife