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Kings Park

Home to gorgeous sprawling gardens, open fields and plenty of ammenities, Kings Park offers gorgeous views and plenty of things to do.


Botanic Gardens
BBQ's and ammenities

What you need to know

One of the world’s largest inner city parks, Kings Park and Botanic Garden showcases the stunning flora Western Australia is famous for. Over 6 million people visit the incredibly popular location for picnics, walks, and events every year indicating just how loved Kings Park is!

Spread across 400.6 hectares, the park overlooks both the city and the blue waters of the Swan River. Visible in the distance you will notice the sails of the glorious boats perched upon the water, the glistening city lights, the rolling Perth Hills and of course the beautiful blue skies Perth is famous for.

Home to the Botanic Gardens also, spend hours exploring the different gardens and bushland spread across the park, or simply find a vacant patch of grass on the green fields, and relax your afternoon away in a very serene environment. You can even relax under the canopy of a gorgeous 750-year-old tree.

With breathtaking panoramic views, spectacular walks and trails, and free guided walks hosted by the talented tour guides, Kings Park is a fantastic location to enjoy a cheap and relaxing day out.

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  • Free entry
  • BBQ's and ammenities
  • Botanic Gardens here also

Kings Park

Fraser Avenue, Kings Park, WA 6005