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Cape Range National Park

Covering more than 50 hectares, Cape Range National Park showcases some of Australia's most spectacular sights waiting to be explored.


Over 50 thousand hectares
Rare and unusual flora
Overflowing with interesting fauna
Located near Ningaloo Marine Park
Close to Exmouth
Camping grounds

What you need to know

Directly off the coast of Ningaloo Reef, you’ll find Cape Range National Park. Filled with rugged limestone ranges, deep canyons and 50km of pristine beaches, the beauty that can be witness and explored at Cape Range National Park is second to none! Boasting an abundance of wildlife including emus, lizards and wallabies, and spectacular species of rare and unusual flora, the Cape Range National Park offers a bit of everything adding to the charm of this park. With over 700 caves in the area, and numerous gorges and sanctuary areas, there is so much to see and explore that you could easily spend hours at this fabulous place. Perfect for visitors who enjoy the great outdoors, the park covers 50,581 hectares of land, meaning there is plenty of ground to see! Be sure to pack water and snacks, and wear comfortable clothing and footwear to ensure your safety and health isn’t compromised!

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  • No park fees
  • Wear safe clothing
  • Bring water and food