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Wilpena Pound Flinders Ranges

This enormous, crescent-shaped amphitheatre in the heart of the Flinders Ranges is spectacular to behold, with its 17km-long expanse housing varied wonders.


Massive, crescent-shaped amphitheatre
Incredible views from atop St. Mary peak
One of South Australia's most unique formations
A favoured spot of famed artist Hans Heysen

What you need to know

Wilpena Pound in the heart of the Flinders Ranges is one of Australia's most unique geographical formations and one of the absolute "must-see's" in South Australia. An enormous, crescent-shaped amphitheatre, the Pound sits far from civilisation and was formed over the course of millions of years worth of erosion, resulting in a "wall" of peaks which encircle a valley below. Wilpena Pound measures roughly 17 kilometres long and offers hikers with some spectacular potential walks, notably the loop walk to the top of its highest peak (St. Mary) which grants incredible views of the Pound as well as its surrounding ranges and gorges extending off into the distance.

Wilpena Pound is located around 430 kilometres to the north of South Australian capital, Adelaide, and thus requires a fairly significant investment of time to visit; as a result, most visitors choose to stay at the adjacently-located Wilpena Pound Resort or Rawnsley Park Station, eco-accommodation facilities that provide a quality stay and the opportunity to explore more of the surrounding area over a multi-day period. Scenic flights over the Pound are also immensely popular, and help convey its sheer sense of scale when viewed from high above.

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  • Walking is the major "attraction" of Wilpena Pound; there are few other activities to take part in in the region
  • Scenic flights can showcase the spectacle from the air and are a must-do
  • Multiple bushwalking tracks to cater to a range of difficulty and experience levels are available