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Broome Historical Museum

You can find one of the most comprehensive visual displays of Broome’s interesting past at the Broome Historical Museum.


Central location
Run by experienced volunteers
Low, affordable price
Dates back to 1910
Near Town Beach
Interesting exhibits

What you need to know

You can find one of the most comprehensive visual displays of Broome’s interesting past at the Broome Historical Museum that is a living slice of history in and of itself – with a construction dating back to 1910, it's a reminder of early building styles dating back to this time period, and sets the scene appropriately for what is contained within. Located near Town Beach what the museum lacks in size, it makes up for in interesting exhibits.

The layout of the museum is separated out into different rooms that each have their own story to be read, and a number of significant events and factors in Broome's history are covered in detail here – the bombing of Broome during World War 2 by the Japanese (a fact that is little-known to many) is documented thoroughly, while elsewhere the museum contains a veritable goldmine of interesting artefacts, photos and stories that are all well curated.

Broome's pearling history and the role this industry has played in the town's history and establishment are well-documented, with stories of what the (often Aboriginal) original divers suffered through to obtain these natural jewels and help to make a living quite shocking in some cases. Another highlight is a video documentary showcasing the operators of the local Broome telephone exchange that manages to be both informative and humorous at the same time, as well as an intriguing story about a diamond heist conducted via a Dutch airplane.

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  • Children under 12 years: Free

  • Children (12 - 17 years): $1

  • Concession: $4

  • Adults: $6

Opening Hours

  • June to September: Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 1pm

  • October to May: Daily 10am to 1pm

Broome Historical Museum

67 Robinson St, Broome, WA 6725