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Broome Bird Observatory

If you've got an interest in all things avian, be sure to pay a visit to the Broome Bird Observatory during your visit.


Large aviary display
Friendly, helpful volunteers
Thousands of visitors year round
$5 donation request
Free entry
Great for all ages

What you need to know

The Kimberley region boasts over 300 species of birds as a whole, including an array of colourful parrots, cockatoos and galahs which can reach relatively large sizes for bird life. If you've got an interest in all things avian, be sure to pay a visit to the Broome Bird Observatory during your visit, as it's one of the best overall showcases of winged creatures not only in this region but Australia as a whole. Located on the shoes of Roebuck Bay, the Broome Bird Observatory is dedicated to the conservation of its vast number of shorebirds – the largest of any location on the planet, with numbers approaching 150,000 annual avian visitors in total.

A lot of credit needs to be given to the volunteer staff who maintain the Observatory, as their passion for – and knowledge of – the ecology behind such a locale is impressive. In addition, while there's no entrance fee, donations that go towards the continued maintenance and running of the Observatory are requested. Getting to the Broome Bird Observatory can sometimes be a challenge as it's accessible via a corrugated road that makes driving 2-wheeled vehicles possible but only during dry periods. Guided tours are also available at an extra charge that will take you around for a more detailed look at the birds and their habits.

In all, the Broome Bird Observatory allows you to get a dose of wildlife while going truly “off the beaten track” that's completely different to your average, sterile “stare-at-animals-in-cages” zoo experience, and the sheer diversity of birds on display here makes it a must-visit for bird watching enthusiasts and wildlife lovers in general.

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Activities and Resources

  • interpretive display area
  • Talks, slide shows and presentations
  • Tours, courses and workshops
  • Nature and landscape photography
  • Live research participation


  • Free entry
  • However, there’s a $5 donation request

Broome Bird Observatory

Broome Bird Observatory, Broome, WA 6725